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Friday, February 26, 2010

Kapusta SOUP from SLoVaKiA

This isn't a recipe Iv ever found any where and its so easy to make, but you have to like Sauerkraut..

So first you take a large pot and fill it half way with water~ approximately 2 liters Chicken stock to taste OXO cubes if you don't have stock
Add a jar of sauerkraut
Add fresh sliced Mushrooms
Add a small pork roast
Add home made stewed tomatoes if you have them because they have the onions and peppers in them if not use a can
Add 1 table spoon of paprika
Add your favorite sausages sliced ,NOT breakfast sausages.
cook and mash potatoes_ Then add a nice scoop of your potato to a bowl and pour Kapusta SOUP over top and enjoy...
HONESTY ITS REALLY GOOD~!!! that's what I'm eating today for supper.... I just wanted to share.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The LOOK show

Ive put my art into the LOOK show now 3 times. Once about 10 years ago , Once 2 years ago and the last time was last week. Three times and still rejected. I don't know what there looking for and what I paint definitely isn't there cup of tea. I believe that I wont give up, that I have to "Try Try again". So all you wanna be artists don't give up. I have about 25 painting in my basement and one day someone will find them..when I'm dead LOL.But as a rule of thumb all famous artists are way dead long after there art is considered great. So paint your hearts out you leave a legacy behind you.~!!!!!THIS IS MY MOM AND DADS BARN BEFORE THEY TORE IT DOWN.. AND THE PAINTING REJECTED.. I think I will re paint it in abstract see if that's the ticket.

Monday, February 15, 2010

All draw by hand with out the aid of 2D projector

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Babies Babtism and MOMs

I think I will take my camera today, I only have an hour before we have to head to the church for my Nieces Christening. If the pictures turn out I might consider one for a new art project. I find I have to take about 30 pictures before I find one I like out of that whole batch.
After Church its a nice sit down meal at my mother in laws and can she cook.! All this fuss and Suzie wont remember a thing, the things we do for our children.Makes me reflect now on my own Mom.That's unconditional love.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

About Etsy and some art I think worth checking out

I havent a clue but Im learing.

My sausages are boiling on the stove but I'm determined to finish this as small a post as its going to be. I really don't know what I'm doing here but I hope one day I will. I paint and sell some jewelry for now I just want you to go look at it tell me what you think and I will post more later. I know why read this at all.??? It hasn't got any juicy details of broken up marriages in it, or the death of someone famous. It just has me, simple little ole me, that wants the world to know one day that I'm not Vincent Willem van Gogh, but I think I'm related. If not to Vincent then to the Queen and why not. She just got lucky, you know that saying its all in the timing. Right place at the right time. Sausages are calling my name, go check out Etsy and my stuff.. and others. there are alot of talented people there.. It takes a while to sort through some of them but there their. CHECK THEM OUT

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My poor poor little dog has an eye infection and wont let me put the cream from the vet into his eyes.. and now he is ignoring me probably thinking its me that made him sick in the first place. Probably from the very first attempt at putting the goop into his eyes.He wont come to me he wont sit with me and he looks at us like his eye balls are going to fall out, but there not. This has to be the first time Ive seen my Chihuahua look as sick as he is, his fur isn't as shinny and has some how formed a few knots. That get up and go is gone and the sparkle in his eyes arn't there. Its day 4 now that he has been like this, and finally some spark and some life has come back into him. He finally showed signs of playfulness while I was on the toilet of all places so as you can see it was difficult for me to show him some play back time... His eye balls are not going to fall out. Lesson learnt from this sad event is next time ask for pills so I can slip them into a piece of cheese, way easier than that messy vasoline crap from a tube. Little dogs with big eyes have to pay for them.. Good thing he isn't vain.

These are some of my things....... hope you like them....