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Monday, May 17, 2010


This is only an idea,that I tried and my not work for everyone.
I have some art that has to be framed for shows that are soon approaching. I like to frame my art it always looks better with a nice frame. The cost is unfortunately too expensive for me to go to a proper framing place. So I opted to go to Hobby Lobby and buy pr-made frames. With the Canadian and American measurements being so different I had to pick up 3 frames larger than my canvas, my husband cut them down to size in a matter of a day. Glued, hammered and stapled them, some minor nicks and cuts that can be fixed up with paint and putty and I'm off to the races with frames that look professional with out the cost. If my husband didn't have the proper tools I doubt I could have done this, with all said and done I saved my self about 190.00


  1. BIG Beads! I think that's a great idea. How did you reassemble the frames? I would like to know because I am not handy, but would love to SAVE money! Thanx, and I hope you are well.

  2. Hi Barking.
    After my husband cut the wood to the proper lengths we applied wood glue then stapled the backs with 4 triangle shaped thinner wood pieces to hold the corners in place. He then used his drill to make holes that we hammered nails into on the sides of each corner all the while they laid on a flat surface to dry 2 nails for each corner..My husband had to buy large claps to hold the frames in place while they dried.A bit of work on his part but worth the savings. Very well thanks Hope your doing good too. Love this time of year~!