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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making prints
Art sells but only if your really good or your prices are low enough. I was at an art walk last week and some art critics came up and told me I was giving my art away at the low prices of 150 and 200 each.I priced it so that at least I was making around 30 dollars profit. Why not get rid of it at a lower price at least it goes and then I dont have to drag it all back home again. The truth was even at the lowest prices conceivable people didnt want any of it. Would it have sold if the prices were 25.00 and 30.00 each.? Its a risk Im willing to take on some of the art I beleive is nice enough. So Iv called 2 printers and they are about as dumb as a bag of hammers on the phone they cant give me prices and they act as if they never made a print for any one in there lives. So Im going to Wal Mart Photo shop, going to run me off about 10 of each of the paintings I like, frame them in matt and see what happens.If any one has any better suggestions out there message me.Id like an honnest ansure. The question for the day is ( * is a photo concidered a print*)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Art Walk and bad weather

Art walk this weekend,the truck is all packed up with my art layered with towels and pillows, so none of it gets scratched.My tent easels and display stands. What do you do if they call for rain the whole weekend.? Do you go, and risk the chance of ruining the art that took you months at a time to paint or do you stay home.? As I look out side its lightening and thundering. I so love art walk and out door venues.Would you leave your home into the rain knowing you will probably get wet because you understand how much work goes into setting up tents and dragging all your shit out side, or would you stay home watching a good movie or a sports event.? I have to go, as a vendore and the money invested non returnable, many people that put this together are counting on all of us to show up. So that means you guys in your nice coasy houses get out side and bring an umbrella, at least you can go back home after an hour or so. We have to stay a full 10 hours or more. SO this is to thank all the Persons out there for showing up. Thanks everyone. It means more than words can say.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New York City, Time Square
Holidays for a week to the big apple Iv never been there before. I'm looking forward to the museums, galleries and live shows.Will take lots of pictures, and climb the statue of liberty, if that's at all possible, we will see. IM going to look like such a tourist but better a tourist than a terrorist.. they should all be rounded up and shot, and not with a camera.. Sorry but people like that don't make this world a better place.Whats even worse is they feel uncountable for there actions.
Be back in a week..

Monday, May 17, 2010


This is only an idea,that I tried and my not work for everyone.
I have some art that has to be framed for shows that are soon approaching. I like to frame my art it always looks better with a nice frame. The cost is unfortunately too expensive for me to go to a proper framing place. So I opted to go to Hobby Lobby and buy pr-made frames. With the Canadian and American measurements being so different I had to pick up 3 frames larger than my canvas, my husband cut them down to size in a matter of a day. Glued, hammered and stapled them, some minor nicks and cuts that can be fixed up with paint and putty and I'm off to the races with frames that look professional with out the cost. If my husband didn't have the proper tools I doubt I could have done this, with all said and done I saved my self about 190.00

Friday, May 7, 2010

Taking a break There is no harm in slowing down and planting your garden and working out side. If your like me it refuels my artistic side of the brain and I cant wait to get started on new projects again.Sometimes I think that's it, I'm never going to make jewelry again, or paint, but all I needed was a couple weeks away from it all. Now I cant wait to get back to it.. like seeing the world through new eyes. So if your overwhelmed, take a break. Have a Snack on life. Start over with new eyes.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Now and in the past scams have been going on, in Etsy and all over the net. Those bastards want to send you a surplus of money so you go to the banks cashing what seems like a real money order. You don't find out until days later, your the one that has to pay the banks back. They ask for your real name and address but the truth is, if its too good to be true, then it is. Those bastards try to find items for sale around the 500 dollar mark. Sellers beware.~! THIS IS WHAT ONE DOES LOOK LIKE

interested in the immediate purchase of your item and will be make
payment via cashier check/money order,payment will be send via to your email address you need to get blank paper
check down,my private shipping company will handle the shipping, but
before payment will be made i need to be sure of who i am dealing with
if you are going to be honest and sincere throughout the transaction. A
certified cashiers check iscash-able the same day,there is going to be
an excess fund on the check ,the excess fund is meant for the private
shipping company who will come to your place for pick up of the item,
so shipping is not a problem,will you be able to transfer the excess
fund to the shipping company the same day you receive the check?.check
would be sent to you so when you get payment you can easily cash it at
any cashing point near you or deposit in your bank.You'll be sending
excess fund to my shipper , which would be meant for shipping
arrangement.if you agree, signify your interest by forwarding to me
your Final Asking Price, Full Name & Contact Address and Tel # also
i will want
you to email to my husband private email address
carlwhite2 [!at] make sure you reply back to my husband
email,So plz kindly email me to my email address I await your response
Best and kind regards,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boasting there is truth in Modesty

Bla Bla Bla, is what I felt I had said when I tried to let another artist know I had helped paint a set for a local play. Well, So had she!! As soon as I mentioned the play ~ Out of her lips poured "I did this and that" and "oh my gawd I painted a book and you should see my art its over here and here's my web page".It was exhausting listening to her, after she was done I looked over at the women sitting beside me and very quietly said " I helped with painting a set , it was a big job and I'm glad its done" and with that she responded " that's nice" Then said,"I blocked out every other word that women had said,all I could here was Bla Bla Bla and can you see me, look at me". I'm so glad I didn't sound like that because it happens that she was irritating to others as well. As she left the room it was as if a breath of fresh air came in. Your talent goes noticed even if you don't think it does. Stiffen up your lower lip and listen its an art form as well.

Thursday, April 8, 2010
Ariel Lyons
Ariel Lyons, exceptional artist who lives just down the road from me. She is closing her store and retiring planning to travel the world.I asked her if she would still paint and she assured me, she would. She provided this area with deserve artists. Herself an art teacher in the local high school and teacher of art classes at her store, has given us a great gift over the years. Its not easy to paint, it takes time, and much thought. Ariel taught with the hand of a master and will be terribly missed. This is to thank her and let her know she was truly in inspiration.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Heather Halaburda: New Hair and Beady News

Heather Halaburda: New Hair and Beady News

WhAtS iN A NaMe ????

Whats my subject matter, and a reason I chose my title? I decided on the title "A canopy of Art". Iv never had a show before or had to make up a name. My art is so miss matched the only thing in common is the canvas and paint. I sent off my email-> subject matter are( things that are free for the moment ) sorry I'm so new to this .. I hope that's enough of a subject matter.. my art is all different things.. sincerely Karen
Then I had to give a reason for the title "A Canopy of Art", ((GULP)) sounded pretty that's why... so I looked up the word and went from there and this is what I came up with->("art has always played a huge roll in my life. Over the years, I've worked with watercolors, acrylics and recently oils and am looking forward to sharing my work with you. Im calling my show "canopy of art"because visual arts are my umbrella that fills with paints, its always raining.
I know Lame Lame Lame.
There should be books on this, proper etiquette for your shit. I found a wonderful site wish I had of found it earlier check it out its the nuts and bolts to any beginner like myself.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010


When is it time to stop, when do you finally put the paintbrush down and say that's that, its over, its done."I will not pull any more hair out, loose sleep or suffer back aches in the name of art". Even if you see imperfections, others wont, and maybe those imperfections are what give that piece, style and charisma. Do all artist take 3 and 4 months to complete a painting or longer? How long did it take Vincent van Gogh, from start to finish to complete one piece. Imagine if he over worked his "Sunflowers" his "Starry night". Would we know who he was? The real answer to this riddle is BE THE MASTER OF YOUR DOMAIN, SCRIBBLE UNTIL YOUR FINGERS BLEED, ITS NEVER OVER, because blank canvas is cheap. New ideas arise finally allowing you to stop painting, stop adding and stop fixing,just because someone said it needs some red, maybe it should have a cat, maybe it needs a pitch fork, maybe it needs blue out side the window, and finally maybe they don't know what there talking about because they don't paint.EVERY ONES A CRITIC. (MAYBE THE CAT WAS FINE WITH OUT ANY LEGS).LOL

Friday, March 19, 2010

my boyfriend is stupid
I just received a twitter from someone I don't know, on it was "my boyfriend is stupid".Made me think back to the days when I thought Id go to University for art(metalsmithing~making Jewelry) and I had decided not to leave my boyfriend because I thought our love would die. Someone should have slapped my ass with a wooden spoon for thinking so little of my self. We never did end up together and it took me 20 years to pick up my passion in the arts again. I took art in grade 9,10,11,12, and 13. Then I took art in College, and a floral courses at the local University, but when I was accepted into Toronto University for Metalsmithing I declined, because of my stupid boyfriend,and he is still stupid to this day, drugs, drink and no job. Never again will I take my art for granted and neither should anybody else. Art is in our souls. When I look at art that is mind boggling, it inspires me, and I'm truly in aw. Word to the wise, The fish that swim at the Art institutes would have better suited you, and sometimes its better to swim alone.
P.S. the man I married now isn't an artist but supports me 100%

Thursday, March 11, 2010

oils are so very messy.

This is my very first attempt at painting in oils, and I must say there very messy or maybe I should say I'm very messy. Iv discovered that I need a paintbrush for every different color, and if you plan to go back into some colors, the color your going to apply can and will disappear. As I look on the net for answers I find that my irrational attempt to paint and not read any books on the matter has proven that I have broken all the rules. Oils are vivid and forgiving and fun, the paint moves around for days. Will I ever pick up Acrylics again I wonder.Lesson learn t~ wear proper cloths, have a window open, make sure you have all the tools needed before starting, rags, linseed oils, You need to have one container with just solvent, and the other with medium. A standard painting medium is 1 part oil to 2 parts solvent. The most common oil is linseed and its varieties (refined, cold pressed, or stand oils) but some painters use safflower, walnut or poppy oils,then there is turpentine, drop cloth, and clean up. So much to do but I think well worth the mess. Have fun and remember paint is cheap, don't be afraid to use it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010


Am I the only one, or are there others out there, that are just as confused with face book as I am. Create a fan page,(for people to see my work ) so I do.~!!! Load up pictures of my art and jewelry.~!!! So I do that too, and then its lost forever only after what seemed like hours of loading it all on.. big grrrrrrrrrrrrrr for sure big grrrrrrrrrrr why cant they keep things simple.?!/album.php?aid=155372&id=348154873146!/album.php?aid=155372&id=348154873146&ref=mf

visit those sites if you like,but there for me to remember how to get to them as well. LOL computers. GEESH

BEADiNtRiGuE ON etsy

BEADiNtRiGuE still has the most adorable and one of a kind beads Iv found while out there searching for "one of a kind beads". In my spare time while I'm not making Jewelry or painting,I'm searching for beads,1ST of all afford and 2ND, there indisputable unique design. Her beads are Refreshing, Delicate,Unique, and well made. You can see the quality put into every one.
Don't get me wrong Ive found other beads out there as well, but I cant afford 200 and 300 dollars for 20 beads so I can then bring them home and try and re sell them to consumers after Ive put my design spin on them. People just don't have that kind of money. As a new Jewelry maker money does play an important part in this hobby. Bead makers have to buy the glass, bring it home, store it, come up with a design, melt the glass in there torches, add glitz of silver or gold or etching, bake it in a kiln, polish them, clean the bead release , take there pictures, then try and sell them to us Jewelry makers.
BEADiNtRiGuE beads make me feel like I'm at the beach.What a feeling a bead can make.~!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun displays

I was going through my closet getting rid of old cloths I haven't worn in years and years. The experts say we should do this. While trying to come up with new and interesting ideas to display my jewelry, I thought "it always looks better on a real person" but I don't have one of those,so next best thing was cardboard.I cut out old pizza boxes, painted them a reddish brown, cut notches for a necklace, then put shirts and jackets around them to see what looked best, and this is what I came up with..I think there cool.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Craft Shows

Spring is on its way, and so are the craft shows.~! Ive started to buy the beads I will need to start a new line of jewelry. I don't know if people out there realize just how expensive beads are. So far Ive bought $500 in beads,and that's just focal beads, I have all the secondary beads I need in my studio.
Now the designing part starts.
Its a lot of work and back breaking at that. Sometimes hours even days go into one design. I never buy cheap beads, been there don't that and all you get out of it is cheap jewelry. I believe people are willing to pay a little more for quality. At the same time I'm trying to finish off 2 paintings if I'm lucky I might get a 3rd one done. But art doesn't sell as fast as jewelry. It doesn't make any less important. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you love what your doing then get better at it and don't stop.
This has to go into your web browser or it will never reach ETSY....I will have to ask Etsy why this is so.. and why that URL leads to my blog.
So apparently my Etsy account will never be seen from Google... sigh

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kapusta SOUP from SLoVaKiA

This isn't a recipe Iv ever found any where and its so easy to make, but you have to like Sauerkraut..

So first you take a large pot and fill it half way with water~ approximately 2 liters Chicken stock to taste OXO cubes if you don't have stock
Add a jar of sauerkraut
Add fresh sliced Mushrooms
Add a small pork roast
Add home made stewed tomatoes if you have them because they have the onions and peppers in them if not use a can
Add 1 table spoon of paprika
Add your favorite sausages sliced ,NOT breakfast sausages.
cook and mash potatoes_ Then add a nice scoop of your potato to a bowl and pour Kapusta SOUP over top and enjoy...
HONESTY ITS REALLY GOOD~!!! that's what I'm eating today for supper.... I just wanted to share.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The LOOK show

Ive put my art into the LOOK show now 3 times. Once about 10 years ago , Once 2 years ago and the last time was last week. Three times and still rejected. I don't know what there looking for and what I paint definitely isn't there cup of tea. I believe that I wont give up, that I have to "Try Try again". So all you wanna be artists don't give up. I have about 25 painting in my basement and one day someone will find them..when I'm dead LOL.But as a rule of thumb all famous artists are way dead long after there art is considered great. So paint your hearts out you leave a legacy behind you.~!!!!!THIS IS MY MOM AND DADS BARN BEFORE THEY TORE IT DOWN.. AND THE PAINTING REJECTED.. I think I will re paint it in abstract see if that's the ticket.

Monday, February 15, 2010

All draw by hand with out the aid of 2D projector

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Babies Babtism and MOMs

I think I will take my camera today, I only have an hour before we have to head to the church for my Nieces Christening. If the pictures turn out I might consider one for a new art project. I find I have to take about 30 pictures before I find one I like out of that whole batch.
After Church its a nice sit down meal at my mother in laws and can she cook.! All this fuss and Suzie wont remember a thing, the things we do for our children.Makes me reflect now on my own Mom.That's unconditional love.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

About Etsy and some art I think worth checking out

I havent a clue but Im learing.

My sausages are boiling on the stove but I'm determined to finish this as small a post as its going to be. I really don't know what I'm doing here but I hope one day I will. I paint and sell some jewelry for now I just want you to go look at it tell me what you think and I will post more later. I know why read this at all.??? It hasn't got any juicy details of broken up marriages in it, or the death of someone famous. It just has me, simple little ole me, that wants the world to know one day that I'm not Vincent Willem van Gogh, but I think I'm related. If not to Vincent then to the Queen and why not. She just got lucky, you know that saying its all in the timing. Right place at the right time. Sausages are calling my name, go check out Etsy and my stuff.. and others. there are alot of talented people there.. It takes a while to sort through some of them but there their. CHECK THEM OUT

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My poor poor little dog has an eye infection and wont let me put the cream from the vet into his eyes.. and now he is ignoring me probably thinking its me that made him sick in the first place. Probably from the very first attempt at putting the goop into his eyes.He wont come to me he wont sit with me and he looks at us like his eye balls are going to fall out, but there not. This has to be the first time Ive seen my Chihuahua look as sick as he is, his fur isn't as shinny and has some how formed a few knots. That get up and go is gone and the sparkle in his eyes arn't there. Its day 4 now that he has been like this, and finally some spark and some life has come back into him. He finally showed signs of playfulness while I was on the toilet of all places so as you can see it was difficult for me to show him some play back time... His eye balls are not going to fall out. Lesson learnt from this sad event is next time ask for pills so I can slip them into a piece of cheese, way easier than that messy vasoline crap from a tube. Little dogs with big eyes have to pay for them.. Good thing he isn't vain.

These are some of my things....... hope you like them....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

4 crying out Loud- Art in the eye of the beholder

Does any one else paint have this problem as well... I have hundreds of paints, cheap ones expesive ones, ones that dry out and ones Ive never touched.Ones Iv been told are not worth the money I payed for them. Now that I'm getting a bit better at paining because I'm doing it on a daily basis. What do I do with all these extra tubes and bottles. I called up the schools and asked if they wanted them but they said no because they weren't purchased from there suppliers. So I thought Id donate them to the local church, but they don't run an art department. I hate to toss them out so I thought Id put on a rubber suit of sorts, get out the largest canvas I own, pour all my unwanted colors all over and dive in. If it turns out to be a master piece then in 60 years will all that cheap paint be worthless or will I have shown them all..... as I giggle knowing fully well I don't own a rubber suit, but it sure did make me think of cheap paint and did artists from say 200 years ago use the finest or what was affordable.... Is a picaso worth 20 million.?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The world as I know it

I'm 49 and soon to be 50 come this August and don't want a cell phone, hate the people that keep calling up asking me if I want one. I don't have enough friends to call even if I did have one. I remember when people didn't need to talk in the grocery store on a phone to verify if they needed milk.But here I am my very fist Blog and wondering who in this world would care or even come close to reading this. I don't mind being a few paces behind. Now off into hyperspace for this and see what happens if any thing at all.
Oh and if your out there reading this check out some jewelry I'm making to keep me busy while I'm not on any phone talking the day away.