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Friday, June 4, 2010

Art Walk and bad weather

Art walk this weekend,the truck is all packed up with my art layered with towels and pillows, so none of it gets scratched.My tent easels and display stands. What do you do if they call for rain the whole weekend.? Do you go, and risk the chance of ruining the art that took you months at a time to paint or do you stay home.? As I look out side its lightening and thundering. I so love art walk and out door venues.Would you leave your home into the rain knowing you will probably get wet because you understand how much work goes into setting up tents and dragging all your shit out side, or would you stay home watching a good movie or a sports event.? I have to go, as a vendore and the money invested non returnable, many people that put this together are counting on all of us to show up. So that means you guys in your nice coasy houses get out side and bring an umbrella, at least you can go back home after an hour or so. We have to stay a full 10 hours or more. SO this is to thank all the Persons out there for showing up. Thanks everyone. It means more than words can say.

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