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Monday, February 15, 2010

2D Projectors

I have a 2D projector to aid me with my art projects, at first I loved it. Id take a photo of something I took with my camera and place it into the top, turn on my projector, focus onto the blank canvas that I wanted to work on and draw out my image. It saves time, its fast and easy. Over the last year Ive been feeling guilty,like I'm cheating because I haven't had to draw any thing on my canvas with out using my projector. I use to map out the image in a grid form and transfer it that way. Sometimes it took me up to a week to draw it out completely. I still love my projector and will always use it, its a great aid in my work. To help me with my Conscience Ive started drawing all my art onto a small piece of paper and then transfer it over to the canvas with the aid of my 2D projector. If any one else feels this way then I hope Iv helped. I still draw and I don't want to loose that gift God gave me. I believe we can loose that gift if we take them for granted.

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