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Friday, March 5, 2010

BEADiNtRiGuE ON etsy

BEADiNtRiGuE still has the most adorable and one of a kind beads Iv found while out there searching for "one of a kind beads". In my spare time while I'm not making Jewelry or painting,I'm searching for beads,1ST of all afford and 2ND, there indisputable unique design. Her beads are Refreshing, Delicate,Unique, and well made. You can see the quality put into every one.
Don't get me wrong Ive found other beads out there as well, but I cant afford 200 and 300 dollars for 20 beads so I can then bring them home and try and re sell them to consumers after Ive put my design spin on them. People just don't have that kind of money. As a new Jewelry maker money does play an important part in this hobby. Bead makers have to buy the glass, bring it home, store it, come up with a design, melt the glass in there torches, add glitz of silver or gold or etching, bake it in a kiln, polish them, clean the bead release , take there pictures, then try and sell them to us Jewelry makers.
BEADiNtRiGuE beads make me feel like I'm at the beach.What a feeling a bead can make.~!!!

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