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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making prints
Art sells but only if your really good or your prices are low enough. I was at an art walk last week and some art critics came up and told me I was giving my art away at the low prices of 150 and 200 each.I priced it so that at least I was making around 30 dollars profit. Why not get rid of it at a lower price at least it goes and then I dont have to drag it all back home again. The truth was even at the lowest prices conceivable people didnt want any of it. Would it have sold if the prices were 25.00 and 30.00 each.? Its a risk Im willing to take on some of the art I beleive is nice enough. So Iv called 2 printers and they are about as dumb as a bag of hammers on the phone they cant give me prices and they act as if they never made a print for any one in there lives. So Im going to Wal Mart Photo shop, going to run me off about 10 of each of the paintings I like, frame them in matt and see what happens.If any one has any better suggestions out there message me.Id like an honnest ansure. The question for the day is ( * is a photo concidered a print*)


  1. Hey, Big Beads, I say, yes, a photo is a print, especially if someone likes an image, they will take it as a photo -- I would.

    I think pricing is complicated. My husband and my father both have said, "Carol, you don't charge enough." Well, pricing means charging what someone will pay factored in one's costs. Sometimes, they say, "cost of your time." For me, it's hard to put a cost on something that is so near and dear to me as my art. That is something that is shared. If I came up with a cost of my time, well, shoot, if it cost me one hour to make a greeting card, and that time was "worth "$18.00" well, who would pay $18 evem for one handmade greeting card. My friend - to whom I gave a discount - even raised her eyebrow when I charged her $4.00 for a handmade greeting card. Any how, love your thought provoking honest posts. - Carol aka Barking Dog

  2. Thanks Carol, 2 years ago I sold a few paintings for around 50 dollars each.. the original's , I got the frames for next to nothing, but at least I didn't have to drag them back home again and that gave me more room to work on something new. People want things cheap, I know how much it cost to make cards I use to make some. I look at it this way, we have a hobby when others don't and they sit around bored out of there minds winning what to do. I wouldn't give up my hobby for any thing, and they make great gifts.Thanks again for words of an artists understanding. Karen aka Big Beads and More