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Friday, February 19, 2010

The LOOK show

Ive put my art into the LOOK show now 3 times. Once about 10 years ago , Once 2 years ago and the last time was last week. Three times and still rejected. I don't know what there looking for and what I paint definitely isn't there cup of tea. I believe that I wont give up, that I have to "Try Try again". So all you wanna be artists don't give up. I have about 25 painting in my basement and one day someone will find them..when I'm dead LOL.But as a rule of thumb all famous artists are way dead long after there art is considered great. So paint your hearts out you leave a legacy behind you.~!!!!!THIS IS MY MOM AND DADS BARN BEFORE THEY TORE IT DOWN.. AND THE PAINTING REJECTED.. I think I will re paint it in abstract see if that's the ticket.


  1. LOOK at this beautiful painting! I love it, why Look can go straight to hell! I know it's disheartening to get the "sorry no thanks letters" - but your artwork is still being seen even by the judges that review the submissions. I have some art in my studio downstairs and wonder how to get it out there to be seen also. your try try try motto certainly applies; I hear ya' Big Beads !

  2. thanks Carol.
    For your kind words. From one artist to another. ~!!!