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Friday, March 19, 2010

my boyfriend is stupid
I just received a twitter from someone I don't know, on it was "my boyfriend is stupid".Made me think back to the days when I thought Id go to University for art(metalsmithing~making Jewelry) and I had decided not to leave my boyfriend because I thought our love would die. Someone should have slapped my ass with a wooden spoon for thinking so little of my self. We never did end up together and it took me 20 years to pick up my passion in the arts again. I took art in grade 9,10,11,12, and 13. Then I took art in College, and a floral courses at the local University, but when I was accepted into Toronto University for Metalsmithing I declined, because of my stupid boyfriend,and he is still stupid to this day, drugs, drink and no job. Never again will I take my art for granted and neither should anybody else. Art is in our souls. When I look at art that is mind boggling, it inspires me, and I'm truly in aw. Word to the wise, The fish that swim at the Art institutes would have better suited you, and sometimes its better to swim alone.
P.S. the man I married now isn't an artist but supports me 100%


  1. Nice post. Hear, hear, I agree! If your art is in your soul, don't marry an a-hole :)

    By the way, i remember your post about not getting one of your pieces into a (book) or a certain show? Well, I feel your pain. My didn't get into a show, was a runner up if they had room (second choice) and they didn't have room after all... O well, I tried!

  2. Would love to see the art that didn't get accepted Carol... I emailed you as well..