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Sunday, March 28, 2010


When is it time to stop, when do you finally put the paintbrush down and say that's that, its over, its done."I will not pull any more hair out, loose sleep or suffer back aches in the name of art". Even if you see imperfections, others wont, and maybe those imperfections are what give that piece, style and charisma. Do all artist take 3 and 4 months to complete a painting or longer? How long did it take Vincent van Gogh, from start to finish to complete one piece. Imagine if he over worked his "Sunflowers" his "Starry night". Would we know who he was? The real answer to this riddle is BE THE MASTER OF YOUR DOMAIN, SCRIBBLE UNTIL YOUR FINGERS BLEED, ITS NEVER OVER, because blank canvas is cheap. New ideas arise finally allowing you to stop painting, stop adding and stop fixing,just because someone said it needs some red, maybe it should have a cat, maybe it needs a pitch fork, maybe it needs blue out side the window, and finally maybe they don't know what there talking about because they don't paint.EVERY ONES A CRITIC. (MAYBE THE CAT WAS FINE WITH OUT ANY LEGS).LOL

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  1. That is super commentary. I love that, "Maybe it should have a cat." U r 2 funny. I know what you mean!! It's hard to step away. I think you are right; we get called away to do another project which is more spiritual. The humaness is where the obsessiveness comes in and we don't let go, maybe when we should?! Cheers, Carol